Damo - Classics Vol 1

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  • Song Name: Damo - Classics Vol 1
  • Artist: Damo
  • Album: Classics Vol 1
  • Year: 2012

This was originally recorded in 2007 to celebrate some of my personal classics that i enjoyed as a punter listening to CN Williams and Bern smashing out the funk in room 2 @ Escape! As many of you will agree some of the best nights the club has ever experienced were back in the days with these two DJ's, who independantly were and still are amazing, but when placed together on the one's and two's they would literally blow the roof off the club!

I have now re released this mix as an enhanced podcast so that all my new listeners can share the experience!!


1. Jon Cutler Feat. E-Man - Its Yours
2. Eminence Feat. Kathy Brown - Give It Up (Clepto's Classic Vocal Mix)
3. Studio 76 - Satisfaction (Smokin' Beats Disco Soul Club Mix)
4. Jamie Lewis Feat. Michael Watford - It's Over (Main Mix)
5. A.T.F.C. Feat Lisa Millett - Sleep Talk (ATFC Bad Nights Sleep)
6. Darryl Pandy meets Nerio's Dubwork - Sunshine & Happiness
7. The Lab Rats pres. the Experiment - Music is my way of life (Lab Rats Main Experiment)
8. Cleptomaniacs feat. Bryan Chambers - All I Do (Original Cleptomaniacs Mix)
9. Lost 'N' Alive - Everything I Play (Original Funky Nipple)
10. ASBO Feat. Katherine Ellis - Let The Beat Hit Em' (Soul Avengerz Remix)
11. MO.CA feat Michelle Weeks - Nobody (Scream Mix)
12. Wilder and Clarke feat. Katherine Ellis - Stand Up